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Choose Andersen for Top-Quality Patio Doors

When you need to replace your patio doors, choose Andersen, the best brand available, to give your patio an upgrade in elegance! At KLM Industries, LLC., we are committed to ensuring your job is done right the first time. We are an authorized Andersen service provider.

Architectural Collection:

  • A-Series: Gliding and hinged patio door options

  • E-Series: Gliding and hinged patio door options

400 Series:

  • Gliding and hinged patio door options

200 Series:

  • Gliding and hinged patio door options

100 Series:

  • Gliding patio door

Silver Line

  • Vinyl gliding patio door

Andersen patio door product lines

Whether you need window or door replacement, trust KLM Industries, LLC. to provide the best selection and service in the area. In business since 1999, our team is dedicated to your satisfaction.


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